How to Ban a Player from a CS:GO Server

Every CS:GO server comes equipped with a built-in banning system that allows you to prevent unwanted players from connecting and playing on your server.

Common Ban Commands

The main way to ban a player is by using a ban command and entering it into your server's console. Alternatively, you can send a ban command with the required in-game permissions.

The table below shows some common commands you should be aware of when it comes to banning players on your CS:GO server.

Command Description
banid [Minutes] [User ID] Bans a user based on their SteamID or Player ID. If minutes are set to 0, the ban will be permanent.
banip [Minutes] [User IP] Unbans a user based on their IP. If minutes are set to 0, the ban will be permanent.
removeid [User ID] Unbans a user based on their SteamID or Ban ID.
removeip [User IP] Unbans a user based on their IP.
listid Lists the users in the "banlist".
listip Lists the IP’s in the "banlist".

Banning a Player

For the purposes of this example, we will be banning a player by using their user ID using our server console.

  1. Access your control panel and Start your server.
  2. Navigate to the server Console.
  3. Enter the status command.
  4. Copy the user ID of the player you'd like to ban. The user ID is the number following the # symbol.
  5. Enter the banid [Minutes] [User ID] command.

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