How to Reset The Nether on Your Bedrock Server

With the drastic change to the nether in the latest 1.16 update, many players may want to reset their nether world to make the most of the brand new features. Alternatively, players may just want a fresh nether to explore, and to find new fortresses to loot and raid. Whatever you want, you can still reset your nether for a Bedrock Edition server.

Note: This can only be done if you have access to the Windows10 version of the game. There is no way to do this from other devices.


  1. Download Amulet editor from their official website and extract the zip.
  2. Go to the Amulet folder and open amulet_app.exe.
  3. Select Open World and tick Bedrock, followed by the world of which you want to reset the nether. If you are unable to find the world, use the Open other word button in the top left to manually navigate to your saves folder.
  4. Click 3D Editor and wait for the program to load and install the needed resources.
  5. Once the world has been loaded, at the right top, make sure to set your world view to 2D and change your world to minecraft:the_nether.
  6. Now you can tick chunks at the bottom, and select Delete unselected chunks and select No in the new pop-up.
  7. Once this has been done, you will see all the chunks turn black and grey. Now save the chunk be pressing File Save.
  8. Re-upload your world back to your server, using this guide.
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