How to Analyze any Timings Report

Are you experiencing lag on your Minecraft server? Lag can be eliminated by finding and resolving the source of the lag. You may do this with a Timings report.

What is a timings report?

Timings reports provide you with in-depth information about server processes, server information, server performance and many other pieces of information, therefore making them a very effective tool at analyzing lag. They allow you to identify what is causing lag on your server, so you can take action and prevent it from causing further issues.

How do I create a Timings report?

You may create a timings report, by following this guide.

How to analyze a Timings report?

You can analyze Timings report on the following guides:

In both guides, you will be able to determine which type of timings report you have (v1 or v2) and will be able to read about complete instructions for analyzing them.

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