Bedrock Edition Server Types

Note: All server types are compatible with our services. Server types are just different software - we will always be able to support everything, even if it's custom-built.

Minecraft: Pocket/Bedrock Edition Server Types

Server Type Notes
Bedrock Dedicated Server Bedrock Dedicated Server (BDS) is the default version of Minecraft Pocket/Bedrock edition and does not have any modifications. This is the raw version provided by Mojang.
PocketMine-MP PocketMine-MP is the most popular MCPE server type and the one we recommend using.
Tesseract Tesseract is a fork of PocketMine-MP and has also been very popular among MCPE server owners.

Genisys was a popular fork of PocketMine-MP by the iTXTech team. However,  Genisys is no longer updated.


GenisysPro is a continuation of the Genisys project. Unfortunately, this project is also no longer updated.

BlueLight BlueLight is another fork of PocketMine-MP.
Nukkit Nukkit is an MCPE server type built-in Java (virtually all other MCPE servers are built in PHP). For this reason, it has been widely adopted by users and hosts who are unable to host in a PHP environment. It is also popular among users who are already familiar with Java - for example, users who had previously run servers for Minecraft PC.
ImagicalMine ImagicalMine is a fork of PocketMine-MP which has been discontinued and is no longer updated.
Minecraft PC We also support Minecraft PC with all of our plans. We have a separate article that outlines all of the main Minecraft PC server types. Click here for Minecraft PC server types.

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