Removing Mods from Your Minecraft Server

This guide will explain how to uninstall mods from your Minecraft Server. Removal is sometimes necessary if a mod is causing errors or clashing with another mod. Removal can also be done if there’s ever a mod you don’t like or you find doesn’t function the way you intended.

If you are trying to install mods instead, please look at our tutorial article on that topic: "How to install Forge Mods on your Minecraft Server."

Uninstalling Mods Manually

  1. Make a backup of your world, because any missing mod and it’s content will be permanently removed from your server and you won’t be able to get it back otherwise.
  2. Connect to your server via FTP. We recommend using FileZilla.
  3. Navigate to your mods folder.

  4. Remove any unwanted mods by deleting them.

  5. Once you’ve removed all of the desired mods you are able to start your server. If you are using a Forge Server, Forge has protective measures you will have to confirm in the console.
  6. Look for '[Server thread/WARN]: Forge Mod Loader detected missing registry entries.' in the console after starting up your server.
  7. Once it comes up, you will have to confirm the changes by entering the command /fml confirm into your console.

Now you are done! Your server should finish startup and you will be able to join your world.

If you require any further assistance, please contact our support at:

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