How to Setup and Use WorldGuard / Admin Protection

Sometimes, the default spawn protection just isn't enough for your server, and you would like to select certain regions to protect players from being able to build on. Alternatively, you may want to stop players from pvping in certain areas. WorldGuard allows you to protect and set up certain flags to allow/deny players from doing just about anything!

Before attempting to set up or use WorldGuard, please make sure you have WorldEdit and WorldGuard installed correctly on your server.

If you are unsure of how to correctly install plugins into your server, we have a knowledgebase article on How to install Plugins on your Minecraft Server. Please make sure to follow the manual method of installation.

Setting up WorldGuard Regions

First of all, we will cover how to select a certain area, and then, how to set up a region inside of that selection.

When you are creating a region, please keep in mind the selection will be of a 3D box. Meaning you will need to worry about the X, Y, and Z coordinates when making one.

  1. Obtain a WorldEdit wand, you can do this by using the command //wand. You will notice when you left-click it sets position 1, and when you right-click it sets position 2. 
  2. You can now select your region, right-click in one corner of your region, and left-click at the opposite side and height.
  3.  Once you have selected your region, enter the command /region define <regionName>.

You will now have your first region, players will automatically be unable to build here. This is due to the WorldGuard flag build set to deny by default. You can allow them access to build again by setting the build flag to allow via the command /region flag <regionName> build allow if you are unable to remember the name of your region, you can find it by typing /region list.

Setting up WorldGuard Flags

Flags allow you to set up certain restrictions inside a region. For example, you can disable PvP, prevent mob spawning, or even stop players from entering the region. You can find more information, and a list of all the flags on the WorldGuard information page located here. Before attempting to set up flags, please make sure you have followed the previous step of creating a region.

  • First, run the command /region flag <regionName> <flag> <allow/deny>. You might also use <true/false> depending on the flag.
  • For instance, if you wanted to turn off pvp inside of a region, you would run the command /region flag <regionName> pvp deny.

You can also add members to these regions, these members will be able to bypass the restrictions you have set.

  • To add a member to a region, simply run the command /region add member <regionName> <playerName>.
  • You can also add an owner to a region, to do this run the command /region addowner <regionName> <playerName>.

If you are looking to use any other feature of WorldGuard, you can find out how to do this on WorldGuard's official documentation which is located here.

If you require any further assistance, please contact our support at:

Mitchell Smith

Managing Director @ Shockbyte

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