How to Setup an Offline Factorio Server

Regular Factorio servers require all users connecting to have a valid account. If you want your server to support logging in without an account, you can set your server to offline mode.

Configuring Offline Mode

To enable Offline mode you should disable require user verification and public server visible in your server-settings.json file.

  1. Navigate to your control panel.
  2. Access your server's FTP by clicking on Files > FTP File Access, located on the left-hand side of your panel.
  3. Login to your FTP access using your Multicraft password.
  4. Navigate to /data/.
  5. Find server-settings.json, then on the right, click Edit.
  6. Locate the option require_user_verification and set it to false.
  7. Locate the visibility object and set the public option within it to false.
  8. Save then Restart your server.
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