How to Change a Player's Character on your Don't Starve Together Server

A player on your server may wish to change the character they picked when first joining your Don't Starve Together server. This article will walk you through the process of helping them change their selected character.

Note: In order to follow this article you must be connected as an administrator. You can find our article to assist you with this here.

Drop a Player's Inventory

Despawning a player will also delete their items. Before despawning them, you may wish to have them drop all of their items.

  1. Open the developer console by pressing the ~ (tilde) key
  2. Run the command c_listallplayers() to find the player's ID.
  3. Run the command AllPlayers[number].components.inventory:DropEverything() replacing number with the player's ID.

    For example AllPlayers[3].components.inventory:DropEverything()

Despawning a Player

In order for a player to re-pick their character, they will need to return to the character selection screen. This can be done by despawning them.

  1. Open the console by pressing the ~ (tilde) key
  2. Enter c_listallplayers() to list all players online and their IDs.
  3. Run the command c_despawn(AllPlayers[number]) replacing number with the player's numerical ID as seen below.

    For example c_despawn(AllPlayers[3])

If you need any more assistance getting started with your Don't Starve Together server you can find a list of our other Knowledgebase articles here.

If you require any further assistance, please contact our support at:

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