How to Update Modpacks Installed on Your Server

We have a video tutorial on how to update modpacks on your server:


Installing mods on your server is an excellent way to expand the possibilities of Minecraft even further to include lots of fun features. Many of our clients choose to use their server to host modded servers to play with friends, and it is an extremely popular way of playing Minecraft.

Modpacks are quite complicated bits of software, usually with lots of different mods all interacting with one another. This means that there are occasionally updates to the modpacks to ensure that you are receiving the mods up-to-date gameplay on your server.

Unfortunately, there is not a way for us to currently update the modpacks on your server automatically – as such, this guide will explain how you can do it manually so you can get back to playing with your friends as quickly as possible!

Before you get started

The first step to updating your modpack is checking whether it needs an update. The best way to do this would be to simply Google the modpack and check whether the version you have installed on your server is the latest version.

To update your server in the safest and easiest way, we will need to first reset/delete all of your server files. Make sure to download a copy of your world to your PC. 

PLEASE NOTE: There is a chance that the world will become corrupt when you re-upload it to your server. When this happens, you may have to start again with a new world. We recommend that you frequently make backups of your world in case this happens.

Resetting your server

  1. Once you have your server files backed up, stop your server by pressing the red “Stop” button on your Multicraft home page.
  2. On the Multicraft homepage, select “Custom JAR” from the server types dropdown box.
  3. Navigate to Files > Setup and select the “Reset/Delete All Server Files” Setup. You will find this near the bottom of the dropdown box. Make sure to select the “Delete All Files” box, then press "Apply".
  4. Start up your server using the green "Start" button on your Multicraft homepage to reset the files.

Reinstalling the modpack

To reinstall the modpack on your server, simply follow our guides on installing a modpack on your server, and then upload your previous world.

Hopefully, your server will now be updated to the latest version of your chosen modpack! Enjoy playing it.

If you require any further assistance, please contact our support at:

Mitchell Smith

Managing Director @ Shockbyte

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