All Console Commands for Your Project Zomboid Server

Console commands allow users to modify the game’s settings, spawn items, or run functions that would otherwise be unavailable. You can use them in two different ways:


The first way to use commands is by accessing the Console through your Control Panel. You can type them directly into the Console.

If you would like to use commands from within your server, you will first need to set the player’s access level from the console. You can learn more in our article on How to Become an Admin on your Project Zomboid Server.


Once you have been given permissions from the console, you can access commands from within a Project Zomboid server by entering the commands directly into your in-game chat. To access the chat, press T.


Note: When using commands from the Control Panel, you will not need to add a / before commands.
additem Gives an item to the player. /additem “user” “module.item”
addvehicle Spawns a vehicle. /addvehicle “user”
addxp Gives XP to a player. /addxp “user” “perk=XP”
alarm Sounds a building alarm at the admin’s position. Must be in a room. /alarm
changeoption Changes a server option. /changeoption option="newOption"
chopper Places a helicopter event on a random player. /chopper
changepwd Changes your password. /changepwd “pwd” “newPwd”
createhorde Spawns a horde near a player. /createhorde “number”
godmode Makes a player invincible. /godmode “user”
gunshot Makes a gunshot noise near the player. /gunshot
help Brings up the help menu. /help
invisible Makes a player invisible to zombies. /invisible “user”
noclip Allows a player to pass through solid objects. /noclip “user”
quit Saves and quits the server. /quit
releasesafehouse Releases a safehouse you own. /releasesafehouse
reloadoptions Reloads server options. /reloadoptions
replay Records and plays a replay for a moving player. /replay “user” [-record | -play | -stop] “filename”
save Saves the current world. /save
sendpulse Toggles sending server performance info to the client. /sendpulse
showoptions Shows a list of current server options and values. /showoptions
startrain - stoprain Starts and stops rain on the server. /[start | stop]rain
teleport Teleports to a player. /teleport “toUser” or /teleport “user” “toUser”
teleportto Teleports to certain coordinates. /teleportto x,y,z


addalltowhitelist Adds all current users connected with a password to the whitelist. /addalltowhitelist
adduser Adds a new user to the whitelist. /adduser “user” “pwd”
addusertowhitelist - removeuserfromwhitelist Adds/removes a single user connected with a password to the whitelist. /addusertowhitelist “user”
banid - unbanid Bans/unbans a Steam ID. /[ban | unban]id “SteamID”
banuser - unbanuser Bans/unbans a user. /[ban | unban] “user”
grantadmin - removeadmin Gives or removes admin rights to a user. /[grantadmin | removeadmin] “user”
kickuser Kicks a user from the server. /kickuser “user”
players Lists all connected players. /players
servermsg Broadcast a message to all players. /servermsg “message”
setaccesslevel Set the access/permission level of a player. /setaccesslevel “user” “[admin | moderator | overseer | gm | observer]”
voiceban Ban a user from using the voice feature. /voiceban “user” [-true | -false]
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