Giving Operator (OP) to a Player

Operators (OPs) have access to a range of commands that are used to help moderate a server. A few of the available commands for Ops are changing a player's game mode, updating server difficulty, giving items, kicking and banning players, whitelisting, and even stopping and restarting a server. You can view a full list of commands available to OPs here.

Using the Server Console

Note: If you're using Bedrock Edition you will need to also enable cheats on your server.

Making a player an operator through your server's control panel is simple, requiring only a single command. This is the fastest method of opping players if your server doesn't have any operators yet. 

  1. Access your server's control panel and navigate to Console.
  2. In the console, enter op <username>. Replacing <username> with the player you want to OP.
    Op the player's Minecraft username and click Send on the right.
  3. Click Send. You will receive a confirmation message indicating that the player has been made as an operator.

    If the username of the player you're trying to OP has a space in their name, you will have to surround their username with quotes, like so: op "Minecraft Fan123"

Giving OP In-Game

Opping a player in-game is more convenient, but requires you to already be opped. If you are not a server operator, you will need to OP yourself through the console first.

  1. Type in the command /op <username> in-game, replacing <username> with the player you intend to op.
    Giving OP - ingame
  2. Press enter on your keyboard. You will receive a confirmation message indicating that the player has now been made an operator. 
    Giving OP - In-game op

Deopping a Player:

Removing players' operator roles is similar to opping them and can also be done through your console or in-game commands:

  • To remove an operator through your server console, use the command deop <username>.
    Giving OP - deop through console
  • To remove an operator in-game, use the command /deop <username>
    Giving OP - removing OP in-game

To learn more about Minecraft server hosting, you can browse our library of Knowledgebase articles here.

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