How to Setup RCON on Your Minecraft Server

We have a video tutorial on how to setup RCON:


RCON is a tool that can be used to remotely execute commands to your Minecraft server. This can be used by a server operator and developer to create applications that can connect and interact with a Minecraft server.

How to Enable RCON

By default, RCON is disabled on your server. The steps below will show you how to enable it:

  1. Log in to your control panel and Stop your server.
  2. Navigate to Files > Config Files.
  3. Select Server Settings.
  4. Locate the enable-rcon section and change the value to true.
  5. Save your changes and Restart your server.

You have now enabled RCON on your server!

How to Secure RCON

Once RCON is enabled on your server, you will need to secure it to prevent anyone from gaining access to manage your server.

  1. Log in to your control panel and Stop your server.
  2. Navigate to Files > FTP File Access and log in.
  3. Locate the file and click Edit next to it.
  4. Find the rcon.port line within the file and replace the port with a working one. You should generate an unused port for your server by following our guide here.
  5. Find the rcon.password line and change the value to a password of your choice.

    Note: Use an original password and don’t share it with anyone.
  6. Click Save and Restart your server.

If you have followed the steps above correctly, RCON should now be enabled, secured and ready for you to use to remotely manage your Minecraft server.

If you require any further assistance, please contact our support at:

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