How to Install Data Packs on your Minecraft World

We have a video tutorial on how to install a data pack on your Minecraft world:


Data pack is a feature available for Minecraft 1.13 and all newer versions which allows you to customize the experience of your Minecraft server. These can be used to add or override existing advancement, structures, recipes, and more. 

NOTE: The data pack system is a feature that is exclusively available to Minecraft Java Edition only.

Data packs can be added both in singleplayer as well as in servers (multiplayer), and the installation process is the same.


  1. Download the data pack you'd like to use. Your data pack should be a folder or ZIP file.

  2. Access your Minecraft server directory (How to Access Your Server Directory) and navigate to the world folder.  Depending on your server configuration, your server's world folder may be named differently. 

    Data pack - world folder

  3. In your world folder, open the datapacks folder.

    Data packs - open datapack folder

  4. In your datapacks folder, upload the data pack you would like to install.

    Data packs - Upload data pack

  5. Restart your server to apply the changes.

Once you've successfully restarted you server, your data pack will already take effect on your server. You may view and manage your installed data packs using the /datapack command.

If you need assistance in installing data packs on your server, feel free to contact us and our support team will be happy to assist you.

Mitchell Smith

Managing Director @ Shockbyte

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