How to Install Thermos on Your Minecraft Server

When running a Minecraft server, you'll typically have to choose between running plugins or mods depending on the setup you want. However, some server types such as Thermos allow you to run both plugins and mods on your server simultaneously, allowing you to create a more flexible and diverse experience for your server. This guide will show you how to set up Thermos on your Minecraft server.

Thermos is only available for 1.7.10, and only includes some specific versions of Forge. For this guide, we'll be setting up Agrarian Skies 2 to run with Thermos. If you're looking to run both plugins and mods on your server on a version other than 1.7.10, you can find our guide on installing Magma for 1.12.2 or 1.14 here: How to Install Magma on Your Minecraft Server

As is advised before making any changes to your server's files, it's highly recommended to take a backup of your server's files prior to changing anything. You can find our Knowledgebase article on taking a manual backup of your server files here: How to Manually Backup Your Minecraft Server

  1. Download the Thermos server files from their GitHub repository, located here: You'll need to download the JAR file that matches your Forge server version, as well as the file. 

    The JAR file that you'll need to download varies per modpack, however Agrarian Skies 2 uses the latest Forge version (, so we'll be downloading the file named Thermos-1.7.10-1614-server.jar (circled below).
  2. Once you've downloaded both of the files that you need for your server, rename the Thermos JAR that you downloaded to custom.jar. This needs to be done as we'll be using the Custom JAR server type for our server. You can find more information about the Custom JAR server type here: How to Install a Custom JAR (Custom Server Type)

    You'll also need to extract the file that you downloaded, which should contain a libraries folder. Both the folder and the Thermos JAR will need to be installed onto your server.

    After renaming and extracting, your files should look something like this:

  3. If your server already has a folder named libraries or bin, you will need to delete it via FTP. You can do this with our web FTP, or by using an FTP client such as FileZilla (click here for our FileZilla tutorial)

  4. Upload the renamed Thermos JAR and the libraries folder you extracted earlier with FTP. After uploading, your server's files should look something like this:

  5. Change your server's type to the Custom JAR server type.

  6. Start your server! Your server will now launch with Thermos, and will allow you to install both Bukkit plugins and Forge mods simultaneously.

As mentioned on Thermos' main page, some plugins and mods have had issues with Thermos previously. You can view the list of known issues here, along with information as to whether or not they've been fixed.

If you require any further assistance, please contact our support at:

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