How to Setup RCON for Your Project Zomboid Server

Note: Enabling RCON will allow any user knowing your password to take full control of your server, please therefore only use it when you know what you are doing, and ensure that you are making use of a strong password.

RCON is a protocol which can be used to remotely control and execute commands on your server without logging in to your control panel via a browser. It can be used for integrations with third-party or self-written programs.


Your server will not have RCON enabled by default, the steps below will explain how to activate RCON. To disable it afterwards, remove the password in the config, and restart your server.

  1. Access your server’s Control Panel.
  2. Click on FilesConfig Files.
  3. Click on world.ini to open the config file.
  4. Set the value of RCONPort= to the :port part of your server’s IP address.
  5. Create a password to login via RCON by setting the value of RCONPassword=.
  6. Restart your server to apply changes.


After configuring your server, you will require a program to be able to connect via RCON. We recommend rcon-cli for Windows and Linux users.

  1. Download the latest version of rcon-cli here.
  2. Extract the ZIP, and run rcon.exe.
  3. Enter the IP and port of your server when prompted and press enter.
  4. Enter the password set for RCON and press enter twice.
  5. If everything was done correctly, you will now receive a message that you are connected. If not, the program will automatically exit, and you will be required to try again.

You have successfully set up RCON! You can now also run any commands which you can normally run via the console. Check out our article for All console commands for your Project Zomboid Server.

If you require any further assistance, please contact our support at:

Mitchell Smith

Managing Director @ Shockbyte

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