Understanding Java Error Exit Codes

In some cases, your server may crash without any explanation or crash report. Often in these situations, it’ll be accompanied by a number such as 1, 137, or 143.

These numbers are standard Error Exit Codes and generally have a specific explanation.

A list of the most popular exit codes may be found below:

Error What's going on What you can do
1 Your server’s JAR file is either not named properly, missing, or corrupted. 

Ensure the name of your JAR file matches what is under the Server Type field in the control panel.

If you’re running a modpack or a Custom JAR, consider reinstalling Forge/Fabric or your Custom JAR file.


2 In certain situations this may signify a networking issue.

Review your console for any error messages mentioning a Failed connection to the daemon.

If one is present, please contact us.

Otherwise, see if you can find any crash reports.

125 Your server’s port is not binding properly.

This code may also be accompanied by a Failed to bind to port error.

A new IP address will need to be assigned to your server.

Please contact us.

137 Your server is out of memory (RAM). 

Review the memory usage indicator in the control panel. 

If your server does not have a memory usage indicator, switch to PaperSpigot or Sponge, install EssentialsX, and run the /gc command.

Look into ways to lower your memory usage or upgrade your plan.

If your memory usage hasn’t exceeded what’s provided in your plan, please contact us.

143 Your server was terminated by an external factor.

This error can sometimes occur when a server isn’t responding and you’ve clicked the Stop button several times.

Generally, this error may be ignored. 

If the error appears repeatedly or becomes a pattern consider the following:   

While very rare, it’s possible you may run into another exit code. Should this occur, try following our steps which you can use to troubleshoot any Minecraft server issue.

If you require any further assistance, please contact our support at: https://shockbyte.com/billing/submitticket.php

Mitchell Smith

Managing Director @ Shockbyte

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