How to Create a New Starbound Character

To join a Starbound game, you’ll need to create a character. You can have multiple characters, all stored locally on your personal computer.

  1. From Starbound’s main menu, select Start Game or Join Game.
  2. Select Create Character.
  3. Customise your character to your liking from the Character Creation menu.

    Note: You will be faced with a variety of customisation options. Most notable will be your difficulty. You can choose between the Casual, Survival, or Hardcore difficulty, but keep in mind that each has its own set of differences.

    Casual: You don't need to eat, and there's no penalty for dying.

    You will need to eat, and you’ll drop items upon death.

    When you die, your character remains dead.

  4. Once you’ve created your desired character, click Done.

Your character has now been created, which you can use to join any Singleplayer world or Multiplayer server. Since your ship and character save data is stored locally on your computer, this means it can be transferred between any world.

The next step is joining your server. You can find our guide on doing so here.

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