Creating Custom Commands with Multicraft

Creating custom commands is a feature that is available in the Multicraft panel. Custom commands can be used as aliases for other commands, a shortcut for other commands that can be used with specific arguments, and when using Scheduled Tasks, which is another feature within the panel. 

Custom commands are created and managed entirely using your server control panel. You will have a handful of commands already that were created when your server was created.


  1. On your Multicraft Panel (, navigate to  Advanced >  Commands.

    Custom Commands - Navigate to Commands page

  2. On the Commands page, click Create Command. This will bring you to the New Command page. 

    Custom Command - Create command

  3. On the New Command page, fill out the textboxes and options based on your preference and how you want your custom command to work. 

    Custom Command - new command

    Here is a breakdown of each item and what each are for:

    • Name: This is what your custom command will be called. 
    • Required Role: This lets you specify which Multicraft role must a user have to be able to execute the command. You may leave to its default value if you're not sure how to use this. 
    • Prerequisite: This is another command that has to be ran before your new command can be executed. If the command you are looking for does not existing on the dropdown list yet, you may create a separate custom command for that. 
    • Chat: This is a message that a player can use to execute the command in-game. Leave this blank if you do not want this command to be executed in-game.
    • Response: This is a message that is whispered to the player executing this command in-game.
    • Run: This is the actual command that should be executed on your server (without the forward slash). This can be any command you can execute from the server console, including any commands of various mods or plugins you may have installed on your server.
  4. Once you have set all the options for the command, click on the Create button to create the new custom command. 

That's it! The custom command is ready for you to use in your server or set up a scheduled task that uses this. 

If you have questions or need assistance creating your custom commands, you may contact us and we'll be happy to assist you!


If you require any further assistance, please contact our support at:

Mitchell Smith

Managing Director @ Shockbyte

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