How to Update Your Minecraft Server

Updating Your Server

Before Updating: If you're switching from Paper, or any other Spigot fork, to Vanilla Minecraft, we recommend converting your Nether and End dimensions to ensure they load properly after updating your server type.

When new Minecraft content is released, you will need to update your server to the latest version if you want to try out the new features.

We highly recommend that you take a backup of your server before updating your server. This gives you a restore point in case something undesirable happens, and you would like to revert changes.

  1. Login to your control panel.
  2. Stop your server. This prevents any unwanted changes from being made while you are working on the server.
  3. Before proceeding, it is highly recommended that you take a backup of your server. This gives you a restore point in case something undesirable happens and you would like to revert changes.
  4. On the main page of your control panel, open the drop-down menu next to the server type field.
  5. From the drop-down, locate the server type and version you would like to use. We recommend using the search bar at the top to help locate your desired server. Once located, click on the selection to set the server type.
  6. Restart your server.

If you would like to reset your Minecraft world or a specific dimension to get access to new features, check out the following guides:

If you require any further assistance, please contact our support at:

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