How to Install Mods to Your Starbound Server

Starbound not only supports single-player modding but multiplayer modding too! This can be a great way to enhance the experience for you and your friends.

Uploading Starbound Mods to Your Server

Every player must have the same mods installed client-side and server-side, or you won’t be able to join.

Before proceeding with the following steps, you will need to follow our guide on Installing Starbound Mods to your PC.

  1. Locate the folder where you’ve copied your mods as mentioned in our Installing Starbound Mods to your PC guide. 
  2. Log in to your server FTP Directory using an FTP client.
  3. Upload all mods from your computer to the server's /mods folder.
  4. Once the upload completes, Start your server.

Your server will now start up with the chosen mods installed!

If you'd like to configure your server further, check out our guide on How to Adjust Your Starbound Server Settings.

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